Electronics Basics

What is electronics?

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Yes, you know what electronics is – at least intuitively you do. That computer/iTouch/iPhone/iPad/Microsoft Surface/Android/etc. you’re using to read this right now is electronics.  The snooze button you hit on your alarm clock this morning is electronics. The switch you flipped in the bathroom is electronics. Even the radio is electronic.
But what is it? I suppose the strictly academic explanation would be  “the branch  of science and technology related to the circuitry design, transistors, microchips, and other such components to use electricity to perform practical tasks” or something like that.

This uses electronics too.

Why is it important?

Most of our world today involves the use of electronics. In fact, modern living has evolved to the point that electronics such as computers, TV’s, phones (especially smartphones), and satellite navigation have become crucial to daily life. As my mentor once put it, living in a world as technologically-dependent as ours without having some basic electronic skills is like living in a world without understanding how to read or make food.

Where do you begin?

Voltage, Current, Resistance
Power supplies

Here are also a few guides to the basics of electronics:

An explanation of symbols, basic terminology, and circuits – http://www.makingthings.com/teleo/products/documentation/teleo_user_guide/electronics.html

An introduction from Rice University:


An overview of Voltage, Current, & Resistance

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